Jan 6, 2017

Dolores Flour Mill - and dry transfer lettering

 I have finished work on the Dolores Flour Mill (see this earlier post for more details).  The last step was lettering it.  The prototype didn't seem to have a sign, at least not from the angles of existing photos.  However, I intend my layout for operations, and it really helps guest operators to know which buildings are which.  Thus - signs are helpful.

I was originally going to print a sign, using an appropriate vintage font (found a number after some web searching), but my dear wife pointed out a building like this perhaps wouldn't have spent the money for a board and painted sign, and perhaps wouldn't just painted the sign on the side.  That lead to search for decals, and then possibly printing my own decal - all of which sounded like a lot of work.

Then I remembered Clover House, and their great sets of dry transfers.  These look a lot like painted-on letters.  So, I ordered a set and went to work.  The results are below - by no means perfect, and more work to get straight than I thought (and it needs more work next time!).  But, still, not too bad.  Pan Pastels toned things down as a final touch.

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