May 19, 2019

Ridgway Depot - construction begins

 Ridgway Depot started:

After being kinda intimidated by this wonderful but complex kit, I finally dove in and began working on the Ridgway depot kit.  This was offered by Raggs to Riches, and is now out-of-production.

 So, here's the workbench, and the beginning of the work. 

Here's my work bench.  There's a LOT of windows and trim in this kit, all wonderfully lasercut.  For the brown, I decided to spray a base coat on all of it, then add a final brush coat to get the color closer.  I'm using a fairly warm brown, Vallejo Flat Earth for this color.

The base is three pieces, with another piece for the floor.  Weights are - of course - actual RGS spikes!

The framing for this kit goes together very nicely - an inner layer which interlocks, and then outer detail layers applied to it.

I wanted to add interior lighting, which means I needed at least some basic interior detail.  And because the first floor section has a 2nd floor going in, I had to work on that detail now.  Some printed pictures from the internet, scaled to about 1.5" high, and some flooring images, did the trick.  A couple figues complete everything I think this needs:

And finally, let's see how this looks with the lighting turned on...